Simple JPA Example

Introduction As I start a journey into learning some Scala this fall, I thought it would be a good idea to take some time to review Java JPA.  I saw an example of Scala Slick, and it generated some thoughts in my head.  For Java JPA review, I threw together a few examples outside of... Continue Reading →


FARCON Background MinneAnalytics is a local (Minnesota – Twin Cities) non-profit organization dedicated to serving Minnesota’s Data Science and Analytics community.   As the saying goes - For more information about MinneAnalytics, check out their web site at or on the Twitter (@MinneAnalytics). FARCON is a Financial and Retail industry focused conference for latest information... Continue Reading →

AWS and SparkR Training Help

Introduction My journey into Amazon Web Services (AWS) started like I’m sure many people – set up a free account, create an EC2 instance along with an S3 bucket…  Then wonder what to do next.  This blog post will cover a couple AWS, Spark and R Studio training resources that I used to advance my... Continue Reading →

R Programming – Functions

Introduction R programming language functions provide an easy way to develop reusable code.  The structure of R Programming functions is very similar to R expressions.  A few examples in this post will expand on the data set from the R Programming Introduction blog post.  Finally, these examples were run in a working directory of C:\R... Continue Reading →

Cloudera QuickStart VM Setup

Introduction Cloudera is a leading data management company.  Cloudera has a range of products built on Apache Hadoop and consulting services.  For training purposes, Cloudera has a QuickStart that will allow people to quickly set up an environment and start writing code. Downloads Cloudera QuickStarts for CDH NOTE:  4.8 GB Download – so plan accordingly! ... Continue Reading →

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