R Programming Introduction


R programming language is big – maybe even “HUGE” to some IT folks.  The statistical computing capabilities make R a popular tool in the Big Data ecosystem.  There are many good resources that provide a good introduction to R.  I’ll keep this post to minimal information to get an R programming environment set up and running on a Windows 10 workstation.

R Installation

R Framework

At a minimum, you need the R framework from CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network) to run R.  CRAN can be downloaded from the following URL:



RStudio provides integrated tools environment for R.  RStudio provides pane for CLI, programs, help, debugger and so on.  Open Source Edition is free to download and use after accepting license agreement.  RStudio can be downloaded from the following URL:


NOTE:  RStudio requires CRAN to be installed in order to use.  Java programmers can think of CRAN as the Java’s JDK and RStudio as Java’s Eclipse IDE.

RStudio Installation Validation

After CRAN and RStudio products are installed, we can perform the following validation.  First, download files nfl_2016_games_allseason.txt, R_First_Script.R and R_First_Script_Results.txt from the following Github site.


nfl_2016_games_allseason.txt – input data file.
R_First_Script.R – R script with basic commands to run on R command prompt.
R_First_Script_Results.txt – output file when commands in R_First_Script.R script were run.

From the RStudio command prompt – enter the commands from the R_First_Script.R script.  Verify results in RStudio with results in R_First_Script_Results.txt output file.

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