Oracle Cloud Day – 2017 Minneapolis


Oracle Cloud Day 2017 (Minneapolis) was held on January 24th.  Great seminar sponsored by Oracle and a couple of their partners.  Slides for the presentation can be found at

Below are a few notes I took during a particular session.

Oracle Keynote:  Strategy and Vision for the Journey to Cloud

John Dolan – Solution Specialist Director, Oracle

Evolution of Enterprise Applications

  • Client Server
  • Web – three tier applications
  • CORBA; Web Services
  • Cloud applications (Docker, container managed services)

SaaS – PaaS, Mobile App Dev – Content and Process – Digital Engagement – Cloud Platform

If an application is missing mobility (if data is not available to customer), then we have work to do.

Capacity on Demand – Extends a data center

Move out of traditional data center – DEV and TEST in cloud (underutilized resources), production still on premises.

Oracle – embracing Relational Database, NoSQL, Hadoop

Hardware point of view – don’t want capital cost to extend capacity.

We need more empathy in IT industry – understand business needs and IT capabilities.

Oracle SaaS – Engagement, Experience, Efficiency and Empowerment

Best of Breed (from 1990s / early 2000s) – Buy the best products/industry leading applications where available.  This approach led to lots of systems integration.  This approach also leads to problems if one system was upgraded, and that upgrade was incapable with another system.

The goal of Cloud application is to create superior user experience than existing application, not to only rewrite existing functionality.

PaaS – Integrate & Extend, Develop & Deploy, Connect & Share, Discover & Visualize and Manage & Secure

Data Management – (not just a database)

Run same applications in cloud, underlying data management is same

Question many IT organizations face:  How to move terabytes of data into cloud?

Oracle IaaS – Seemless Migration, Predictable Performance, Scalable & Dedicated Resources, Accelerated Deployments and Secure Connections

Cloud Pricing Model

  • Use more – pay more
  • Use less – pay less

Oracle Networking, Compute and Storage – Better, faster, cheaper hardware to build on – technology that wasn’t available 10 years ago

“Better performance, better reliability if you are willing to spend less money” – Larry Elison

Oracle owns the entire stack – hardware, o/s, software, db, apps

Cloud at Customer Model is a software product that runs an Oracle cloud piece to run behind company’s firewall.  Deployed on customer’s premises “Our cloud deployed in your data center”

Biggest impediment to moving to cloud

  • Five years ago – Security
  • Now – Lack of resources and expertise has replaced security as the #1 cloud challenge

What relieved companies concerns regarding Cloud security?
1. Data Breaches – Some companies found out they were not very good at security themselves.
2. Cloud providers focus on security – products to protect the network, analytics to monitor the network, etc.

Industry Keynote: Disrupting Digital Business: Cloud in a Post-Sale, On-Demand, Attention Economy

Ray Wang – Principal Analyst and Founder, Constellation Research

We are living in a Post-Sale, On-Demand, Attention economy

Consumers are increasing choosing “access” over “ownership”.  For example, a consumer deciding to go with Netflix subscription instead of buying DVDs.

Incremental Innovation example – Sony Walkman
Product Increment (Innovation) – was to add a second cassette player the Sony Walkman

Transformational Innovation disrupts markets – Apple iPod
iPod – $7/$14(?) for a good song on CD , $0.99 for one song on iPod
When a new product add services, it can affect other markets

Companies compete for consumer’s experiences
In some cases – Companies giving products away so they can sell services

“Design thinking inspired by user experience”

Diversity of thought – unlocks innovation

Big data – many IT organizations don’t need more data
Many IT organizations need to move from using data they have to making better business decisions
Don’t want more data  – want better decisions

Future of big data business models built on insight

Purpose of Artificial Intelligence is about outcomes – not about algorithms

Digital proficiency – How well you know technology and what you are comfortable with.

Digital natives, Digital immigrant, Digital Voyeurs, Digital Holdouts, Digitally Disengaged…

Implementation faster, always on compute power

Security across the stack

Five points of entry to the cloud

Workloads, enterprise, SaaS apps, hybrid cloud, innovate with the cloud

“Digital Darwinism is unkind to those who wait.”

Tack Keynote – Creating a platform for Change

Ben Swenka – Oracle

“When you are finish changing, you are finished” – Ben Franklin

Connected and engaging experiences
Secure Delivery

Data taking action faster

Change – Leapfrog into future, don’t just replace

If you can’t measure what you have now – you won’t be able to judge success in the future.

Develop and run
Digitally connect
Engage customers
Analyze and Act

Fail Fast – Don’t have goal of failing, just want to find out if some concept or prototype is not working sooner than later.

Part of innovation is to try new things.  Some things work, some things fail.  Find something that works with customers/organizations.

Application Builder Cloud Service
SaaS Applications, JavaScript and REST

Oracle 12C Release 2 Features

  • Multitenant
  • Sharding
  • In-Memory

Integrate Application, Data and Things

Connect – APIs, Apps

Streamline – Automate appropriate workflow

Crowdsource – Recipes for business, self-service

Engage, Create, Execute and Analyze – Demo and Receive Feedback are part of customer engagement

Virtual Assistant (Chatbots) Platform

Requirement for better Analytics

  • Smart
  • Scalable
  • Complete
  • Customers want to customize own reports
  • Analyze large amounts of data

Big Data Discovery Cloud Service
Built on Apache Spark

Security and Management – Discover, simplify, harden and mitigate

Move Any and All Workloads to the Cloud

Ben Swenka – Oracle

Only 6% of workloads have been moved to a Cloud platform

Key components

  • Range of Elastic Components (Docker, Containers)
  • Secure, High Performance, Flexible Network
  • High Performance Storage
  • Pay by hour
  • Approval and server communication with each other

Scale business accelerate Cloud transformation

Performance – Compute, predictable and storage

Reliability – High availability building blocks

Security and governance

Governance and Auditability

Choice – Range of compute options

Oracle Ravello Cloud Service

Cloud based consumption model

Sign up for a free trail:

Transforming Data Management in the Cloud

Sachin Sathaye – Oracle

Relational Database

Big Data SQL – Container model to run one query across any NoSQL, Relational Database and Big Data platforms

Complexity prevents movement to a Cloud platform

  • Data Conversion
  • Dev and Testing

Automated movement of applications and data into Cloud

Can you move workload to different databases?

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Agility
  • Elastic Scaling

Pay up front model – Peak Capacity

Multitenant Architecture

Container Database (CDB)

Virtualized Database into container databases

Sharding – Large table means high computing to query/update

Massive databases farmed out to smaller databases

Pay-as-you-go or subscription model

Exadata Express Cloud Services

Soiun (sp?) – Oracle Cloud Machine

Modernized your Cloud on-premise integration

Integration Bridge – Pictures of bad bridges

Robots building bridge in Europe (like a 3d printer)?

Four Reasons for Cloud Platforms

  • Designed for complexity
  • No application awareness
  • No prebuilt integration
  • Deployment lock-in

IoT – Devices connected to share information

Organize and integrate

LOB – Line Of Business

Cloud Security – Now a reason to move to the Cloud


Manual processes – Too many alerts, no context

Static protection – not adaptive

Focused on perimeter – not external pain apps

Users are the new “perimeter” in security – mobile devices give their username’s access to network

Intelligent SOX (?)

Predict – something happens, what is likely to follow
Detect – Listening

Users, network and context

Security Cloud Services


Security Monitoring

Comprehensive Detection
Rapid Investigation
Intelligent Remediation
Faster time to value

Cloud Security: Now a Reason to Move to the Cloud

Evolving Security landscape

“Wire cutters are the most secure tool for a network” – just not practical now days.

Trust AND verify

  • Without transparency we cannot verify
  • Without verification, we cannot trust

Data is most important asset – If stolen, may become a liability

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