Cloudera QuickStart VM Setup

Introduction Cloudera is a leading data management company.  Cloudera has a range of products built on Apache Hadoop and consulting services.  For training purposes, Cloudera has a QuickStart that will allow people to quickly set up an environment and start writing code. Downloads Cloudera QuickStarts for CDH NOTE:  4.8 GB Download – so plan accordingly! ... Continue Reading →

R Programming Introduction

Introduction R programming language is big – maybe even “HUGE” to some IT folks.  The statistical computing capabilities make R a popular tool in the Big Data ecosystem.  There are many good resources that provide a good introduction to R.  I’ll keep this post to minimal information to get an R programming environment set up... Continue Reading →

Oracle Stored Procedure Example

Introduction I thought I would put together a quick post with some Oracle stored procedure examples.  I wanted some results to compare when writing similar queries/programs in other languages.  I plan to use the same NFL games data set with MapReduce, R, SparkR and other programs. Prerequisites Need to set up Oracle tables and load... Continue Reading →

Oracle SQL Loader Example – NFL 2016 Games

Oracle SQL Loader (sqlldr.exe) utility provides an efficient way to perform a bulk data load into an Oracle table.  Sqlldr.exe doesn’t record inserts into a transaction log, so performance is improved. The following example was set up to walk through a scenario to load data from a text file into an Oracle database.  The steps... Continue Reading →

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